Apple Varieties

Appearance Flavor/Texture Availability starting Best use/Storage
Williams Pride Pristine Yellow, sometimes with red blush Tart and crisp August Fresh eating or cooking.
Gala Yellow with red streaks. Looks like a peach Crisp and snappy with a mild, sweet flavor August Eating and cooking
Ozark Gold Big, yellow apple Crisp with a tart/sweet flavor August Eating and cooking. Stores well.
Lura Red Very large red apple with some green Tart/sweet. Similar to Jonathan. August/September Very good eating or cooking.
Jonathan Mostly red with green highlights Crisp, fine textured and juicy. Mild to tart, with a spicy tang. August/September Eating and cooking.
Liberty Red striped over green Crisp, juicy and flavorful. September Eating and cooking. Stores well.
Red Delicious Red with speckles Sweet/mild flavor. September Eating.
Empire Bright red with white specks Crisp, juicy and flavorful. Sweet to tart, spritely. September Eating and cooking. Stores well.
Jonagold Gold with red Crisp and juicy. Sweet tart. September. Eating and cooking.
Mutsu Large yellow apple. “Ugly apple.” Crisp and juicy. Dense. Spicy and sweet. September. Eating. Stores well.
Enterprise Large red apple Crisp, spicy apple September/October Eating and cooking. Sweetens when stored.
Show Me Gold Yellow. Like an early Goldrush. Firm, nice and tart. September/October Eating and cooking. Stores well.
Suncrisp Yellow with red. Nice and tart, crisp. September/early October Eating or cooking. Stores well.
GoldRush Yellow. Crisp and juicy. Tart, with a hint of sweetness. October Eating and cooking. Stores well.
Granny Smith Green Firm/tart. October Cooking. Stores well.
Fuji Pink to brown. Firm, sweet and juicy. October Eating. Stores well.
Arkansas Black Extremely dark red Very hard. Late October Cooking. Excellent keeper.
Pink Lady Beautiful pink. Hard, crisp, sweet and tart. Last to be picked in late October. Great for eating or cooking. Stores very well.