About Sunshine Valley Farm

Jan and Mike Wooten founded Sunshine Valley Farm in 1989. Jan, an avid gardener, had been growing blueberries, tomatoes, raspberries and other produce at her home garden in Springfield, while Mike ran a busy medical practice. After hearing a horticulture professor from MSU lament the fact that so much produce was being trucked into the Ozarks when it could be grown here, Jan decided to explore growing small fruit.

The Wootens took the undeveloped cattle pasture, bought a tractor and got to work planting apple trees–not an easy feat in the rocky clay soil of the Ozarks. Blueberries and raspberries soon followed, along with asparagus, peaches, tomatoes, and more. They built the barns, the market and cafe building and began their career as farmers. Mike joined Jan full time in 2002 when he retired from medicine.

In 2015, the Wootens are returning back to their roots of exclusively growing and harvesting fruit. Visit the farm and taste the “fruit” of their labors.